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asknet helps you sell SaaS, software, digital and physical products all around the world – with a full-service ecommerce platform that makes online transacting easy, safe and enjoyable at any time from any place on any device.

Our Platform

asknet’s e-commerce platform allows you to set up and start selling internationally right away. Our full-service approach covers everything you need to make global sales easy, safe and enjoyable for both you and your customers. Increase revenue with our flexible localized checkout — then eliminate headaches with built-in global tax compliance and fraud prevention.


Launch products faster with our brandable, localized one stop cart and checkout.
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Fraud and Risk

Enjoy advanced security and prevent all types of frauds and chargebacks.
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Subscription Management

Sell more and easily manage even complex subscription products.
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Global Payments

Sell globally with localized currencies and payments.
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Tax Management

Eliminate taxation issues with our built-in global tax compliance.
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Easily integrate existing workflows or tools with our highly adaptable platform.
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Who We Serve

We are on a mission to help software and SaaS companies unlock their potential, surpass their goals and thrive. Our services and solutions are tailored to globally grow B2C as well as B2B Commerce – whether your products are digital or physical.

B2C Commerce

Grow global revenues and create a great shopping experience for customers worldwide – easily and securely.

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B2B Commerce

Sell smarter with our powerful B2B ecommerce solution that simplifies billing and turns your E-Store into a reseller’s best friend.

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