Sell smarter with powerful B2B ecommerce & customer self-service.

Empower your sales reps and satisfy customers with ready-to-use ecommerce solutions that work with your existing processes and applications. asknet makes online transacting easy, safe and enjoyable – at any time, from any place, on any device.

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Manage B2B Orders + Ecommerce in One Place

Simplify your billing operations, maintain fewer systems, and use asknet’s proven payments and subscription features alongside your B2B orders. asknet’s subscription billing features allow your company to build tailor-made subscription plans that work best for your business and customers.

Simplify Billing

B2B sales aren’t only typically higher in value than B2C sales, but often much more challenging: pitching a sale to a professional typically takes more effort than selling to an average consumer. With asknet’s simplified billing process tailored to business clients you can reduce complexity and up your B2B sales.

Turn Your E-Store into a Reseller’s Best Friend

B2B companies need to offer their products online without requiring a customer to contact the inside sales team or a reseller. Leverage asknet’s checkout functionality to automate many of the typical channel management processes for resellers and distributors.

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