We keep your online business safe from fraud and risk.

Expand your global footprint while preventing fraud, managing chargebacks, and complying with all existing and emerging regulations. asknet’s full-service ecommerce platform handles it all!

Fraud Prevention

There are many ways in which your e-commerce business can be compromised by fraud. With asknet, you don’t need to worry: regardless of its form, asknet handles all types of fraud to ensure your online store is secure. Our fraud monitoring and detection systems block fraudulent transactions without interfering with the customer experience. asknet’s platform detects fraud and distinguishes it from legitimate customers, so you maintain higher transaction acceptance rates.

Chargeback Management – We Take Responsibility

As a Merchant of Record, we take on the responsibility for managing and reducing chargebacks on your behalf. Chargebacks occur due to a variety of reasons, from a clerical error to a fraudulent transaction. Managing chargebacks can be time-consuming and costly for companies selling online. This is why asknet offers complete chargeback management built-in to our full-service ecommerce platform.

Regulation Compliance


asknet is compliant with the EU general data protection regulation. Our ecommerce platform is capable of conducting business with all EU-based customers and more. We strive to apply these principles internationally and bake in consumer privacy.


The payment card industry data security standard was developed to protect consumers and their data no matter where they shop or what channel they use.