Sell more with our global online payment solutions for software or SAAS companies.

asknet’s online payment processing makes global software sales super easy – with multiple payment methods, currencies, and languages for a seamless shopping experience all around the world.

Sell Globally With Localized Payment Methods

From one-time purchase to recurring subscription payments: with asknet your online shop is perfectly set up to allow for an easy and seamless shopping experience – even if your customers are on the other side of the world! Our brandable cart & check-out is fully localized and internationally capable from day one:

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Accept popular payment methods to increase conversions and customer satisfaction without hidden fees or setting up your own merchant account. 

  • Localized Currency Display
    Display relevant currencies for your global audiences without having to deal with complex conversion rates or updates.

  • Localized Check Out Language

    Create localized shopping experiences by automatically updating checkout language based on your customer’s location.

  • Locally Processed Transactions

    asknet’s ecommerce platform works with local payment processors and gateways to increase payment success and minimize declines.

Debit and Credit Card Payments Simplified

Start accepting card payments on your online store without having to worry about setting up a merchant account. asknet acts as your Merchant of Record and partners with popular payment gateways around the world to make sure you can provide seamless shopping experiences to customers across the globe. Our optimized routing allows for more successful transactions, which makes shopping with you so much easier! asknet follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Even More Ways To Pay

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for payments which is why we built our system to allow your customers to pay using their most preferred payment methods. In addition to Standard Payment Options asknet also offers Alternative Payment Methods per geographic market. Your business needs a special payment method? asknet can add further payment methods to make sure your company gets the best results.

Making Global Sales Easy and Carefree

The asknet full-service ecommerce platform goes beyond simple payment processing. We manage global taxes, chargebacks, and customer service to ensure you can focus on building great software.

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Brandable Cart & Check-out

Outsource your checkout process to asknet: with our customizable cart and checkout you can put your brand in the spotlight and promote it around the world.

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