Deliver your best – global fulfillment of your goods from payment to shipping.

You want to get your goods to customers across the globe? Asknet facilitates a slick fulfillment process, wherever in the world your customers are located. Keep on top of your order management and get your products right to the doorstep of your clients with our fulfillment services.

The Art of Fulfillment

When growing your business, it’s important to think beyond the purchase phase of a transaction. We help you to take the next step: with our robust order management system you can make sure that your customers can enjoy your products worldwide and on time. Whether you own multiple warehouses or want to use multiple touchpoints – asknet assists you in managing your orders and shipping efficiently.

Keep Your Fulfillment Management in Order

Inventory Management

We provide a single interface to your global inventory. Using our order management platform, you can offer inventory to customers across multiple touchpoints, safe in the knowledge that each one accurately reflects what’s held in stock.

Return Management

Shipping products to customers is only half of the task. Returns must also be carefully managed. Our robust order management system gives you a comprehensive view of all orders, including those being returned and exchanged.

Streamlined Shipping Operations

Determining the correct shipping path is crucial for organizations with multiple warehouses located around the world. We enable you to automate the process so that you always ship the right inventory from the right warehouse, taking import taxes into consideration as we go.